Tiredness is a state of mind…true story

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2 pictures taken after having a run around my house area despite booking-out late and reaching home late after reservistbarneysuccess

I have a very close friend named Victor who was a great fan of HIMYW. He was particularly attracted to this character named Barney Stinson and would use his quotes in his normal conversations. As such, whenever we complained that we were tried/sleepy, Victor will copy Barney’s favourite quote, refuting us by saying “Tiredness/ Sleep is a state of mind.” About 4 months down the road after changing my lifestyle and having a desire to really want to keep fit, I realized that this “state of mind” thing has some truth in it.

I’m currently doing my reservist and it has really disrupted my training schedule. Usually I would run once every two days, do my push-ups and pull ups but this reservist has made it really hard for me to do so. I could not book-out on many days and I could not run in camp at night as there were no lights in the camp at all. On top of that, the government feeds its soldiers very well. Every meal provided is high in calories.

On days where I can book out, I would only be allowed to get out really late. As a result, I would reach home very late as well. Surely, anyone would just choose to have a good bath when they reach home and have a good rest. On the two occasions where I was allowed to book out…I really felt that. In my mind I was thinking, “I deserved that break! I worked hard whole day!” But in the end what made me choose to put on my running gear and run?

I realized that this tiredness was indeed just a state of mind.  I have not been doing heavy manual labor in camp. All these thoughts in my mind were just excuses not to go and run. Once we have identified that these are excuses, we are able to do things we wouldn’t believe we could.

On the first day of my book out, despite reaching home at 9pm, I managed to run 3.2km at a pace of 6.09min/km. This is much faster than my usual runs. Today, I booked out at 7 and reached home at about 8:30pm. I managed to run a total distance of 5.16km with a pace of 5:57min/km! It was my personal best for 5km! I was able to run 5km in less than 30mins! These are the kinds of success we can achieve if we just ignore the excuses and put in our commitment!

Whenever you feel too lethargic to start your workout/work, ask yourself…are you truly tired or are these just excuses you give yourself to procrastinate? If you are able to overcome these excuses, I believe that you will be able to do things you wouldn’t believe you could. And your capacity will grow a little bigger.

Continue excelling!

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