Why your 60-day workout program don’t work

So about a year ago during the summer break, a university friend of mine gave me a copy of the Insanity workout. Insanity is a 60 day workout program designed to get you ripped in 60 days’ time. It features high intensity interval training which helps rapid fats loss and muscle gain. I was really excited in the beginning and followed the program closely, not skipping a single workout. By the end of 50 days, although my fitness and stamina has increased, I look and weigh the same. Then school started, I stopped the program and went back into my pelagic lifestyle…


Me before and after the Insanity workout. See a difference? I don’t either.

Perhaps some of us have made similar goals and gave ourselves a deadline to meet them. In the beginning we were exhilarated with some sort of success but close to/ beyond the deadline, we inevitably fall back into our former states. You wonder what has really gone wrong…

Well what is wrong is that those plans and hard work we have put in were just a means to an end. When we have finally reached our goal (perhaps doing a program for 60days and saving $5k) , we find ourselves at a lost to what to do next. Being human, we revert back to what was familiar, our former way of life. There was no longer any motivation to continue working out or save your money since it you have already ‘achieved’ your goal. Soon enough, congratulations! Without any real change in our habits and lifestyle, we are back at square one.

While there are many books that urge us to set goals to be successful, I found another force at work which is crucial as well. Consistency. While setting goals can help us to be successful, we want to remain successful. Someone who has achieved his six packs needs to continue his hard work to keep it. This consistency requires him to change his lifestyle. Perhaps there will be less time for TV or computer games but it is a sacrifice I gladly make.

My journey of transformation really begins with a change in lifestyle. Below is a copy of my training schedule:

workout scheduleFollowing this schedule day in day out meant that I had less time for other things such as using my computer which was okay anyway because it only meant one less hour on Youtube LOL. But the best part about this schedule is that it does not have a deadline. I have made it my lifestyle, something that is more permanent.  As a result, I’m no longer anxious about how much weight I have lost. I made training part of my daily life and made it into something I enjoy and would do to de-stress after a day at work.

consistencyEvidence of consistent hard work! Facebook Keeprunner tracks how frequent I run, how long and how far.

On a more spiritual note, I guess it can be said of some spiritual resolutions we make. For some, perhaps they want to read the Bible once through, some want to pray and fast for thirty days. While during the process of achieving these goals we find new freedom and connection with God, some of us feel that it stops once everything is over. Well, we have started with the wrong foot. We cannot expect to pray and fast for thirty days and wish that we will grow exponentially. We cannot expect that after reading the Bible once through, we will be suddenly more Godly. In fact, not even praying and fasting for a year or reading the bible 5 times through will bring any significant result. At the end of the year or reading the Bible 5 times through, it is highly likely we will revert to our former way of life.

Beyond just setting goals, we need set a commitment. A commitment that follows you through the rest of your life. A commitment that changes your life style and how you live your life. You can commit to pray everyday or to read the bible everyday. Building up of Godly character requires more than just a sudden fervent passion, it requires consistency and a change in one’s lifestyle.

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