Little changes you can make to help yourself with your exercise routines

For some of us who want to lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle, getting our asses up to start exercising is already a feat. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard every time. There are small things you can do to help yourself feel more motivated to exercise. Today, I will share with you some little changes I have adopted to help myself be more motivated to exercise.

1. Make working out more convenient

About 2 months after I have started my journey to lose weight, I wanted to incorporate strength training into my workouts. I wanted to have stronger lats and chest muscles so I started to add pushups and pull ups into my routines. I can do pushups at home but, here’s the problem: every time when I want to do pull ups, I need to get changed and go down to the park to use the pull up bars there. Sometimes it is really inconvenient as I reach home late and it becomes very dark. Moreover, when it rains, I can’t go to the park at all.

Finally, I thought, why not just install a pull up bar in my room? I can do pull ups whenever I wanted! So ding! Here’s my pull up bar!

1779865_10153936489490001_1557478368_nPull up bar just outside my room!

I got this pull up bar for only $25. Really cheap! After I have installed the pull up bar, I did pull ups a lot more regularly because it became so convenient and I no longer have any excuse. Initially, I could only do 10 pull ups. Now I can go to a max of 16. Yay!

2. Workout with a friend

945508_10153010484440001_470691027_nEvening 5km run with a friend.

Another way to get motivated is getting a friend to come along with you. Sometimes, working out can get very boring if you do not have the focus or the discipline of the mind. When it gets boring, you will start to dread every workout session. Slowly, you become less regular and may even stop… This is where bringing a friend can really help. During your (torturous) workout, you get to catch up with your friend, laugh together and motivate one another to work harder. It certainly makes working out more enjoyable. If you are serious about getting better, workout with a friend who is fitter and will motivate you to run faster, lift heavier weights, do more reps/sets etc.

3. Make it fun

1653544_10153931147775001_1269111881_nTaekwondo class

One of the key reasons why I would faithfully go to the Taekwondo dojo and Muay Thai gym weekly is FUN. Honestly, it is not a lot of fun if you just run in the park, do your push ups and pull ups. So it is really great to have a change once in a while; punch/kicks some pads, spar with someone etc. Well, it doesn’t have to be martial arts. Invest in a sport you really like. Some of my friends do rock climbing while others like to cycle. It is all up to you.

Another way to make working out fun is to make it into a game. I used to play this game whereby every time I walked under my pull up bar, I have to do 5 pull ups. As such, in one day, I easily did more than 50!

How about spiritual disciplines?

I find that some of things mentioned above can be applied to spiritual disciplines as well.

1 Tim 4:8

” for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”

Some of us know that spiritual discipline is essential for spiritual growth and godliness but find it hard to motivate ourselves to read scriptures and pray. Similarly, there are small things we can do to help ourselves feel more motivated.

1. Make it convenient.

Perhaps one of your greatest obstacles is inconvenience. Perhaps you find your bible a bit too bulky to bring around. Fret not, there’s an ESV bible app where you can download for free! Just download it on your smart phone and you can read the scriptures anywhere you want, any time.

2. Get a friend along.

qtQuiet time together at Marina Barrage

Proverbs 27:17

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Bringing a friend to have quiet time together can motivate you more. Besides, your friend may even be able to provide new insights you have not thought of in your scripture reading.

Make it fun.

EasternOrthodoxChristianMonksIt does not always have to look like this!

A lot of us when we imagine spiritual disciplines, we imagine a bunch of monks chanting and reciting scripture together. Well, we need to change our perspectives. It does not have to be that way. Play the guitar, sing some worship songs. As you read the scriptures, try drawing to scene out. Make it fun and enjoyable. You will learn to like it. And as you like it, you will look forward to spend time with the Lord each day.


Playing the guitar and fooling around after fellowship

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