(Trying to) Keep fit in the midst of Chinese New Year

CNY-Bak-Kwa-2Bak Kwa, probably the most sinful food made on Earth

I love to eat. Especially meaty, oily stuff. With Chinese New Year round the corner, it is definitely not helping. Chinese New Year is the festival to feast and get fat. To many of us trying to lose weight, that is one incredible nemesis to fight against.

My favorite Chinese New Year goodie is definitely bak kwa (roasted sliced pork). And the bad news is according to the health promotion board, one slice of bak kwa, weighing about 94g, contains about 370 calories and will require about 47min of jogging to burn off! And who the hell can restrict themselves to 1 slice of bak kwa?! On the first day of Chinese New Year alone I have eaten at least 5 slices! To many of us, this is a losing battle. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Special circumstances requires special adjustments and we need to adapt. Today, I am just gonna share with you some of the things I do to (attempt to) keep fit during this Chinese New Year.

Protein load!

pull up074

Pull ups and push ups are my favorite exercises! They build the chest, shoulders and lats.

It is inevitable that during this festive season that we will be gorging down huge portions of roast pork, duck and chicken. Don’t be worried, use this to your advantage! These foods are packed full of protein! And these proteins are made up of amino acids,  building blocks of muscles (trust me, I’m a biology teacher). Instead of sulking about your inability to resist the temptation to feast on that succulent roast pork, do more strength exercises! By doing more strength exercises (like push ups and pull ups), you are turning all these extra protein you have ingested into MUSCLES.

Why have more muscles? Well, I don’t think anyone likes to be like a skinny stick man. Muscles, especially one your chest and shoulders, can help you look better in clothes.

Furthermore, with more muscles, you can boost your metabolic rate in the long run. More energy is required per day to maintain this increased muscle mass. This means that losing weight will become even more efficient!

Finally, more muscles also mean more strength and better performance in sports. Wow! Isn’t that great?!

A little determination

070I don’t want to hear your excuses! Go workout now!

Perhaps one of the hardest thing to do is to keep to your exercise routine. It is tough because we need to go visiting and will usually stay at a friend’s or relative’s house till quite late. This is where a little determination and self discipline comes in. While there is visiting to do and so on, many of us will have some free time. During these times, we need to psyche ourselves and go workout. This is crucial especially since we have eaten so many unhealthy Chinese New Year goodies. Remember, the key to losing weight is always about input and output. In order to lose weight, our output (in terms of exercise and metabolism) must be greater than our input (eat). With the increased input due to Chinese New Year, we really need to find the determination to workout!

Today, I had visitation in the early afternoon and was back home by evening. Even though I really felt like lazing on the couch and watch TV, I know that I really need to workout. So, I just picked up my running shoes and went for a 6.4km jog. It didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would feel. In fact, I felt quite good after the run and continued to do 100 push ups in the park.


Perhaps like Chinese New Year, there are things that come along the way that sweep us off our track. We have to learn to adapt,find the good in what we see as bad and use it to our advantage. And sometimes, we just have to learn grit our teeth and put in extra effort and endure through difficult times. For many of you going through a difficult time, a wise man once said,” This too, shall pass.”

Come on, you are better than what you think you are! Find that motivation!

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