MILESTONES! Getting below 63kg and running longer distances!

1510464_10154036323850001_1756088123_nGetting stronger!

So, about 6 months have passed and I have been diligently working out and watching my diet. These 6 months have not been an easy ride. It required a lot of going out of my comfort zone, doing things I didn’t like as well as changing my lifestyle altogether. But alas, I would say: IT PAID OFF. And I’m not gonna stop until I get even STRONGER.

This week is a week of milestones. I have hit a record weight of When I first started the working out, I was weighing about 69kg! Hence, I have lost 6.5kg so far. This is significant to me as I remember weighing only 62kg when I first entered university. I’m glad that I’m back to my original weight. But it cannot stop here. My goal is not merely going back to how I was but to be even better than how I was. I will continue to work towards having that 6 packs. OOush!

Another milestone I have achieved is in running. For the first time this week, I have ran more than 10km! This is a feat and an achievement for me as I never really loved running and running is one exercise that I sucked at the most. Well, I have not just ran more than 10km but I have ran more than 20km in a week! At the rate I’m going, I might even participate in a marathon!

1656287_10154068264360001_2002206421_nLonger distances

Looking back

In my previous post, I have talked about taking garcina cambogia pills to help lose weight. This is week 2 of taking the pills again and I have lost 1kg ever since I started taking the pills. I was 63.5 and now I’m 62.5kg. However, is my weight loss attributed to the pills or the change in my lifestyle?

Working out has now indeed become part of my life and I could not go through the week without exercising. I have been exercising a lot more often and running longer distances. In addition, I would be very conscious of what I eat and will not allow myself to eat unhealthily. My lifestyle has indeed changed. I lost weight, felt fitter and became stronger. Losing weight cannot be a mere goal. There has to be lifestyle changes for it to be sustainable.

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