Losing weight by doing seemingly insignificant things

Strength and Spirit

Don’t worry, losing weight is not as tough as this!

Okay, so some of you might have found the last post on martial arts a bit… hard to relate to. SO for today’s post, I’ve decided to base it on the topic of losing weight (which I’m sure would be more relevant to you than my previous topic).

You see, my dear friends, from the time since I can remember; I have always been the ‘fat kid’ in class. Every year in school, they’ll have an annual health check-up where your height and weight is measured. Of course, once measurements were taken down and glanced at, I would be placed in the “Overweight” category.

I didn’t have to worry about enlisting into any Co-curricular activities as I would be automatically enrolled in the Trim and Fit club (TAF club), which is basically FAT spelled backwards. Every morning before assembly…

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