A little bit of investment for your workout regime

Before I go into the main topic, CHINESE NEW YEAR IS HERE! This is a time where Chinese,  like us, gorge themselves with FATTY, HIGH CALORIE food because they are too stingy to cook them for the rest of the year. Just kidding. But it is really bad for people who are trying to stay healthy and lose weight. Just look at all the food and goodies!
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Drools….. Do not be deceived by the broccoli and greens! The food is high in protein and fats! Look at all the chocolates and Bah kwa!(Notice the box containing the pork slices, it was full just an hour ago)

Anyways, sorry for not posting for so long because being a teacher in Singapore is really busy. We have to set worksheets and test papers from scratch, mark them, return it back to students, make them do corrections, bring students to various competitions, bring students to excursions, plan for the next year……………… And also because I was getting really lazy.

Over the past few months, I have gotten some stuff to help me with my training and I thought I should give you guys a review of these items.

Portable pull-up bar

130This is perhaps one of my best purchases so far. With this I can do pull ups in the comforts of my own home. One of the problems I faced was that I was too lazy to go down to the park just to do pull ups. Moreover when it rains, I can’t go down. With this, I can do my pull ups any time I like. If the pull up are getting easier, I can just put on ankle weights while I do my pull ups.

I got this fairly cheap at http://www.pullupbarsg.com/ But i believe you can get better and even cheaper one on Qoo10.

Gym gloves

131After I got the pull up bar and start doing pull ups at home, I start to develop calluses on my hands. I am used to getting them from NS days but the pain was distracting me from doing my pull ups. Sometimes I would not finish my sets as my hands were so painful. So, I just decided to get a pair of gym gloves off Qoo10. I think I got it for $10. The material is quite thin so I can still grab the bar quite comfortably. The palm side is made of rubber so it helped me to grip onto the bar. As such, I can do more reps and sets.

Sports hand phone arm band


Changed my phone to an iphone 6 and it was too big to fit into my pocket. Nothing much to say about this really.

Bluedio Bluetooth earpiece


Got this from Qoo10(I LOVE Qoo10!). Just needed a earpiece to accompany me on my runs. Really cheap for a Bluetooth earpiece but the right side is too heavy due to the controls. When I run, it the controls bounces up and down and pulls the right earpiece out my my ear. So I am often distracted if I bring this out for a run. If you’re like a cheapskate like me and don’t mind this little problem, get this. If not, get a better one.

Adjustable chrome dumbbells


Got this from Qoo10, again! It was on sale. 20kg adjustable chrome dumbbells for $50 with shipping. A good price considering that many dumbbells cost way more than that. Got this because I wanted to do a little bit of weight training. When I am too lazy to go down for a run but feel guilty that I didn’t, I will just lift weights. The dumbbells are really useful in training my shoulders. My shoulders are really under developed because all my life I was just playing soccer and Taekwondo. As such, I have like monster legs but tiny upper body.

Skipping ropes


Got this from Royal Sporting House (not Qoo10). It was on sale. I think it was sold for $12. Got this so that I could train my cardio and footwork for muaythai. The rope is a bit too long though and it hurts really bad if you try to skip bare footed. It’s excruciating when the ropes hit your toes. A good alternative to running.

Muay Thai gym membership

137One of my best investments. Although to some people it is a bit pricey, the money you spent forces you to be diligent in going for classes. Anyway, this is the best and cheapest around. Other muay thai gym charges about $300/month! I love going to this gym because the training is tough and fun and I make a lot of friends there who are serious about martial arts. The coaches pushes you hard and you feel good after the class. After every class, I feel really tired and yet I come back to this place week after week to train. Well, it doesn’t have to be muay thai. You can always sign up for Zumba and what not. The point is, do something you really like and lose weight in the process.

Run keeper

138I have mentioned this many times before. GET THE RUNKEEPER APP! It’s free! It really motivates me to run as it tracks my progress, let me see how fast and how often I run etc. Get the app now!


139Another free app I started to use is myfitnesspal. It helps you keep track of how much calorie you eat. Calorie intake – Calorie output = X. When X is negative, you lose weight. When X is positive, you gain. However, do note that I am not encouraging calorie counting. How I use this app is rather casual. I do not weigh how much protein, fats and carbohydrates i eat. I simply eat whatever I want and log it into the app. As such, I am more aware of my food choices for the next meal knowing how much more calorie I can eat next. The downside to this is that you need high levels of discipline to track every single thing you eat.

So, here are some material investments I have made to add to my workout regimes. Some are more effective, some are more expensive. Let me know if there’s anything I can try out too.

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