THIS IS SPARTA!!! (Spartan race prep)

This-Is-Sparta-300-King-LeonidasThere is no better way to motivate yourself than to sign up for a race. It forces you to train for it because:

1. You would want to finish the race.
2. You would like to have a good timing for your race.
3. It gives you a specific goal to work towards.

As such, I have signed up for this year’s Spartan Race. It is going to be a 5km with dozens of obstacles. While the obstacles may be difficult, failing to overcome them will land you in a worse fate. If you fail any obstacles, you will need to complete 30 burpees before they let you continue to race. It seems like failing an obstacle is not an option as it leaves you totally exhausted.

Indeed, to prepare myself, I have started to train. For my first day, my routine is as follows:

10 Pull ups
15 Push ups
10 Burpees
15 Sit-ups

5 sets.
By the end when I was done, I was totally exhausted… I think I really need to work harder on preparing for this race…

Below is a video of my grinding through the last set…

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