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Back to running! 6:30min/km not too bad 😛

Back to running. Haven’t been running for a long time since I was really busy. You know, spend time with my girlfriend and stuff.. =X Finally have the motivation time to put on my running shoes to have a jog at the park.

Im quite impressed that my stamina did not drop that much. Cardio has always been one of my greatest weaknesses. In the next few days, I plan to do more running as I really have been neglecting training my cardiovascular fitness.

Now that I have started running again (lol , 1 day), I realised that I like to look out my people walking thier dogs. Their dogs are so cute! One time while I was at the park, a maid was taking a chow chow for a walk and the chow chow decided that it will stop walking and just laid on the ground. It was hilarious to see the maid trying to pull the dog up with the leash, or try to carry the dog. But the dog simply would not budge as it was so stubborn and heavy! haha!

Anyways, more updates soon!

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