SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 7 (Finding work-life balance)

002Right cross!

My 3 months muay thai membership at FightG ends on the 31st of July and I was seriously tempted to stop my subscription due to the mountain of work during this period.

Being a teacher in Singapore is no easy job. You need to manage hormonal, hyper-active kids and ensure that they learn something in class. You need to know how to engage them and sometimes this means going out of your comfort zone to act/do something in class. Next, as now is the exams period, you will need to prepare and set examination papers on a tight schedule, mark their homework and their test, make sure they do their corrections so on and so on. These days, I typically leave home at 6:30am and reach home at 6:30pm. After which, my job is not done. I will still need to slog through mountains of work. It would have been easy if it was just repetitive work but all these requires brain power. So sometimes I am so exhausted I sleep at 10pm. Sometimes I don’t even get to spend quality time with my fiancee. So unless you are pretty passionate and love interacting with young people, please reconsider signing up to be a teacher.

Anyways, due to all the work I had to do, I was tempted to stop my Muay Thai membership, something that I really loved doing. Yes, this would free up some time for me to do my work but it would also mean that during this period, I would have one less avenue for me to just sweat it out and have a fun time at the gym. And that is seriously sad. To replace something you love with work. If I would allow that to happen, slowly work will start to creep into my relationships, time with God etc. I would be consumed by work.

As such, I decided against the decision as I thought I shouldn’t let work overwhelm my personal life. Besides, nobody’s gonna give me an award for sacrificing my personal time so that I can complete work given to me a little bit faster. As a holistic human being, I would also need my personal time for leisure and exercise.

Perhaps work-life balance is a personal choice. A lot of times I find myself stressing over the amount of work I need to do. But the truth is that work can never be finished. And many people at their deathbeds regret the amount of time they spent at work instead of spending it with their loved ones and doing something they love. Ultimately on your deathbed, your loved ones will be the only ones there for you.

I renewed my membership today I and I would say I didn’t regret that decision even though I have that Science exam answer key to finish. I had a great time with friends and did what I love and I guess that is what truly matters.

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