SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 13 (Of bars, callouses and blisters)

001 002Hand vs monkey bar

If you were following my previous posts, I mentioned that the Spartan Race seems to have a lot of climbing obstacles as well. So today, I thought I should train on my grip strength and what better way than to make use of the pull up bars and monkey bars at the park?

Today’s NATIONAL DAY and everyone’s probably at home watching the national day parade on TV. So the park’s pretty empty today.

Anyways, here’s today workout:

10X pull ups

1X get across the monkey bar

10X inverted rows

5 sets

By the end of the 5 sets, callouses were formed on my hands and a little bit of skin ripped off my palm. NICE! My hands really hurt when I was doing the exercises initially but as I got to the 4th set, I got used to it.

Anyways, more training to come. To be continued…

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