Why I blog and how blogging helps you keep fit (Accountability)

972086_10153274133905001_815846178_nI was reading a book titled: The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. In this book, Tim explored many myths about fat-loss and fitness. One of the chapter was explaining how counting calories was a bad idea. It was bad because eating the same food of similar calories will not yield the same result as the body absorbs different foods differently. Yet, counting calories is better than not counting anything. In fact, it helped one of his interviewees lose weight! How is it so? It explains…

“This book didn’t exist when Chad lost his weight and there are far better things to track than calories. But…would I recommend tracking calories as an alternative  to tracking nothing? You bet. Tracking anything is better than tracking nothing.

If you are very overweight, very weak , very inflexible, or very anything negative, tracking  even a mediocore variable will help you develop awareness that leads to behavioural changes.”

And I would say this is what happened when I started blogging about my Spartan Race Prep exercises. It made me more aware of exercising daily as I made a commitment to blog updates of my workouts. I think blasting my blog post over Facebook has some added benefits too.

I watched from some random youtube video which states that “the more people you tell you are going to do something the more likely you will succeed.” Of course, there are those who disagree but I tend to agree. As I tell more people about the blog and the workouts I am doing, I feel more ‘obligated’ to workout each day. This ‘obligation’ drove me to be consistent with my workouts. Moreover, sometimes my friend will give a ‘like’ or comment on the blog posts. While small, this is a great encouragement to me sometimes.

Perhaps this is like accountability. Of course for Christian accountability, there is no obligation for you to show to your mentor or friends that you have done certain things. God should be the one you are pleasing. But I guess the similarity is that having an accountability group makes you more aware of what you do. And this awareness, together with prayer and self-control, can perhaps lead to behavioral changes faster. And similarly, there are friends around you where you can share your thanksgiving and rejoice with you.

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