SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 14 (Running on ‘rest day’ and into MP literally)


Colourful blocks!

I went down quite lethargically this afternoon. Was really tired and did not want to do my run as I was spending the whole day marking test scripts. Nonetheless, due to the commitment I made to this block, I decided to go down to have a run.

However, when I got down and opened my Runkeeper app, I found out that it is supposed to be REST DAY today. There were no workouts scheduled. Anyways, I was already in my running attire and down at the park. So I ran anyway. Did a timed 2.4km run. I didn’t manage to get a pass timing (12:45min under old IPPT system) but I am still happy with the results. Usually I would need 14mins to complete 2.4km!

Anyways, while I was going down, I met the Member of Parliament(MP) who was making his rounds down the park. Sadly there was nobody there due to the heat. I waved at the MP and was called to have a short interview with the MP and his team. (Dang! Shouldn’t have waved!) It was a bit awkward because the MP asked about who am I, where I work and where do I stay. I just met him in person about 2 months ago to look for his help to apply for my new flat under MCPS. Oh well, can’t blame him. He meets so many people every week! Also found out that one of his team members was my colleague’s father! Small world yea?

Anyways, the talk was longer than I expected and they sensed my eagerness to go home for a shower. We shook hands and I went off.

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