SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 15 (it’s clobberin’ time! MUAY THAI!)


Drenched after Muay Thai

Just a short update for today. Managed to go off from school slightly earlier today. YAY! As such, I have the time to go for my Muay Thai class at Fightg. I think Fightg is trying to push up the cardiovascular endurance of their students. In the past, we used to only do 1 set of 50punches followed by 20 roundhouse kicks after hitting the pads. Now we have to do 2 sets! Double the fun! By the end of everything, everyone was drenched and drained. Anyways, I always enjoyed tough trainings as it pushes me to go beyond my perceived limits. At the end of it, I feel breathless, but alive..even euphoric!

There won’t be an update tomorrow as I will be doing some cooking/performance programme with my class. And it is expected to end around 9:30pm. I typically report to school at about 7:00am. Tough life yea? Oh well, I just hope they don’t burn the whole place up tomorrow…

to be continued…

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