SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 18 ( Long distance running- Press on towards the goal for the PRIZE )


Press on! Longer distances!

It is a beautiful Sunday. The birds are chirping and the sun is bright. Ahh~~ It’s time for a 50mins run. That’s Runkeeper’s training programme for today. The 50mins is daunting enough and it certainly didn’t help that my muscles are still sore from Friday’s intensive Taekwondo training. Still, we’ve gotta do what we gotta do.

I started my jog at a very slow pace. Every step hurts. My muscles screamed at me to stop but I refused to listen. I pressed on.

As I got to the 5min mark, I was having doubts whether I am really going to finish this 50min run…I have already changed and came down the house. No turning back now…I pressed on.

2km mark. A little voice started inside me. “Surely it was enough right? Hey, my muscles are all aching and I managed to run 2km! That’s really a huge thing already! We deserve some rest now. “I told my excuses to shut up… I pressed on..

5min till workout complete. The voices came again, “Hey! You have done a great job today! You should really slow down! You need rest! You shouldn’t push your body too hard.” I ignored. I ran even faster. And as the timer reached 50min and gave the beep, I sprinted all the way to the end point.

I guess sometimes, Christian living is really a lot like long distance running. The difference is that in long distance running, the duration of the run is relatively short. Even if you run a marathon, you will at most take a day to complete the race. Christian living is different. You run with Christ till the day you die.

In the Christian race, with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, one strives to live each day to please Him. And indeed, similarly, temptations and excuses do come. Sometimes you wonder why have you started in this race in the first place? It can be very discouraging, especially when it seems like you are not running this race ‘well’. Sometimes, excuses come in. “Surely God will understand? You have been good. You are only cheating once.” And sure enough, I have doubted myself and God and let excuses come in for a few times in my life. And I am glad God brought me back to my feet and carry on with Him each time.

Everyone who competes in any race, runs for a crown that do not last. You may have something to boast about in the short run but in the end you will feel empty again. The Christian race is one where run for an eternal prize. They know that at the end of their race, they will be praised by the only person that matters, “Well done good and faithful servant!” And indeed, the faith and promise that I will meet up with my Lord and Saviour face to face gives me the courage to press on in this race.

Philippians 3:14
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Extra training:

003 004

Monkey bars and calloused hands
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