SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 19 (MUAY THAI admist an ocean of unfinished work)

004Getting punched is fun!

Just gonna do a small update today. So it seems it is gonna be HELL WEEK for me this week. Exam Papers to edit (Yes, I have edited it umpteen times), lesson study, lesson observations all gonna be done in this week. WOOT! Was so stressed up that I didn’t workout yesterday. 😦 I chose to stay at home to complete my work. Worst choice ever.

Anyways, got the luxury to go home slightly earlier today so I managed to went for Muay Thai classes at Fightg. It was good training today. We did defense against the right cross, clinching and some (understatement) condition exercises. I was drenched by the end of the workout. Even though I have spent 2 hours there, I did not regret at all. You need to loosen up a little once in a while even though there is work piling up yea? Besides, work can never be finished…especially for a teacher.

To be continued…

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