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Going greater distances, FASTER!

20 Aug 2015, 17:30HRS. Today is session 10 of Runkeeper’s 5km training plan.  For today, I am supposed to do interval training which includes a 5min warm up run followed by 9X 1min fast followed by 1:30min slow jog intervals. And I must say that the sessions are really helping me prepare for my race in terms of my cardiovascular endurance. When I just started this programme, I was running at 6:30/KM. Now, I am running greater distances and faster speeds at 6:15/km. That is a great improvement in my opinion. Just proves that hard work and commitment will help you be better at things you are doing.

I am hopeful by the way it seems that if I keep this up, finishing the Spartan Race in November at a good timing shouldn’t be a problem. I am looking to finish the race in less than 45min. Usually I can finish a 5km race below 30min but I think that there will be a delay at the obstacles as we need to wait for our turn to try overcome the obstacles. At least that was what happened during my last obstacle race a while back.

Anyways, looking forward to get stronger and fitter as I keep this up.

To be continued…

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