004Donning on my Taekwondo gear

No videos for today’s training session, nonetheless, it was good training today.

Basically for today’s training, we started of with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

30 sec push ups
30 sec squats
30 sec crunches
30 sec burpees
30sec restX3 sets

After that, we did some light kicking:

20 front kicks mid section
20 front kicks head section20 roundhouse kicks mid section
20 roundhouse kick head section

After the set of kicks, we are to finish off the set with:

10 left roundhouse
10 right roundhouse20 roundhouse (left followed by right then left again…)
20 double roundhouses

After the session, many of us felt breathless but training has just begun. After 2 min rest we did:

20 axe kicks
20 roundhouse kicks followed by axe kick

I then went to train one of my friend who was preparing for sparring competition.

To end the class, we did another 3 sets of HIIT.

By the end of the class, I could feel my legs screaming for glucose and oxygen. Really good cardiovascular training and leg strength training today. Hope my muscles wont feel sore tomorrow.

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