SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 22 (Long jog with worn out shoes)

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Only realised my sole had came off when I reached the park…

Had some time before service today so I decided to use the best use of my time by running. Today’s Runkeeper training programme involved a 5min warm-up run followed by a 3.2 km run. Didn’t manage to run very quickly today as my muscles were sore after Taekwondo training yesterday. Well, it shows that yesterday’s training was tough.

Anyway, when I reached the park for my run today, I realised that part of my sole had come off. It didn’t feel funny when I walk but I’m surprised to find that the grooves on my shoes were almost gone.

I guess the smoothed sole is a testimony of my many runs I had run. Only a shoe that has not been used often will retain its grooves. Everything is subjected to wear and tear as one uses it. And I guess I shouldn’t be upset about my shoe. The smooth sole shows my commitment and dedication to the runs and should push me to be even more committed.

As I looked at the sole of shoe, I am reminded of the Bible first given to me when I chose to put my faith in Christ.


As you can see from the picture, the cover is somewhat damaged and the cover has been pasted back a few times. I can still remember the times where I went to church for Bible study and we will flip the pages enthusiastically to know about God. We continued to flip and read God’s word when we have fellowship with one another. We persisted in using scripture when we prayed for one another. The more refer to the Word of God, the more the Bible wears and tear.

Perhaps like a run-down running shoe, a Bible in a such a shape suggests that it has been used often and regularly. We should be more alarm if our Bibles are still in pristine condition. It could be hinting to us that we have not been reading the Word of God regularly. Besides, can a well trained athlete ever keep his shoe in pristine condition if he trains so regularly?

Off topic:


Today’s dinner to reward myself! ๐Ÿ™‚
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