SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 23 & 24 (Muay Thai & 50min run?!)

Didn’t manage to update yesterday due to busyness. So today, we are going to have double the content, double the FUN!

Went Muay Thai training yesterday and for this week it is FIGHT TEAM TRAINING. This means that instead of the normal sessions, the gym is put us through training programmes that their in-house-fighters go through. Of course, compared to the real thing, it’s slightly less demanding. Still, I had an exhausting session.

In class, we learnt how to catch a front kick, swing it to the side, followed by clinching and knee strikes.Then we moved on to hitting the pads. Did 2 rounds of pad work and after each round we have to do:

50 punches
10 right roundhouse
10 left roundhouse
10 clap push-ups (damn!)
50 punches
10 right roundhouse
10 left roundhouse
10 tuck jumps (the killer!)

Needless to say, everyone was pretty tired after 2 rounds of pad work. After some rest, we did the whole thing all over again. Very nice.

Still, we were not done. We grouped ourselves in groups of 4. Then 3 of us were supposed to charge at the remaining guy and that guy have to push everyone back with front kicks and knees.

A very satisfying session indeed.

As for today, I just went for a very long jog at the park in my new shoes. I am gonna save my old worn out shoe for the race because we are gonna run in mud. Doesn’t make sense to use my new shoes for such a race. Am pretty satisfied with my run though I felt that I could have run a bit faster. usually I would have run at least 8km in 50mins. Oh well, we have time to work on that.


Not a bad speed for such a long distance after all this time…
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