SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 25 (Insomia + coffee + run in the morning = Race to the toilet)

029Today’s run. 5min warm up followed by 4km interval.

Couldn’t really sleep yesterday. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t gone to Taekwondo training this Friday as I was at a seminar. So I am not sufficiently tired. Anyways, woke up very early morning today and had my cup of coffee and headed down for a run. BIG MISTAKE. As it turns out, the rumours are true! COFFEE MAKES YOU POOP!

As I was running, my intestines are turned and squeezed as I turned my hip for every step. It was at the 4km mark that suddenly I felt pain on the lower right side of my abdomen. It wasn’t stitches, it was my large intestines contracting. I was feeling tired but the pain motivated me to run faster. I have to complete my run before I head to the toilet! So I sped up and finally finished my 4km interval.

My muscles were feeling very sore by then but it was no time to rest. The pain was getting more intense. I have to go! and the toilet is at least 100m away. I ran!

I finally had my relief when I reached the toilet at a nearby coffee shop.


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