SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 27 (Running and noticing ‘sudden’ park improvements)

001 002

Night scene after run

Delightful run tonight. Did interval training:

5min warm up jog from followed by 1min fast run followed by 1min slow for 13 intervals.

Though it seems like I am a bit slower for this run, I actually thought that I was really fast because I felt quite ‘light.’

Anyways, it’s elections season here in sunny Singapore and I can’t help but notice ‘sudden’ improvements in the park.

Just about a few weeks ago, the bridge was just a plain blue bridge. The blue paint was peeling off due to it being beaten by the weather day and night. Now, the Town council have put some canvas over it and made it look really nice. Also, they started to put the residents’ art work on the lamp poles. Quite impressed to see some of the residents’ art work I must say. Some of them paint very well and I would have mistaken their art works as famous artists’ works!

While I was running, I also noticed a new sign board put in place.

003The park below my house now has a name and is under maintenance by nparks. Hopefully they will make the park a even more enjoyable place to hang out. And of course, when I reached home, I saw this:

004I would have preferred them passing the notice to my father face to face though. Slotting it under the door seems a bit…well, ‘insincere’. Oh well..

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