SPARTAN DAY Prep DAY 29 (Long distance run after many teacher’s day celebrations: I GAINED WEIGHT!)

001Slowpoke; hard to run with the extra weight

This is absolutely ironic. After posting after SMART goals to lose weight just 12 hours ago, I realised that I have gained weight. LOL. I was 62kg and now I am 64kg.

Well, I blame it on the teacher’s day celebrations (It was teacher’s day in Singapore on Friday). The school gave us teachers a buffet treat at Taste Garden restaurant while today Saint Andrew’s Cathedral treated the Children Ministry teacher to a lunch reception. These few days I ate loads of food. Not to mention, some students gave me cookies. I swear they are bent on foiling my plans to lose weight! 😡

Anyways, went for a 55min run today. Wasn’t able to run very fast as I felt really bloated. My muscles were also feeling a little strained from Thurday’s ultimate frisbee and paintball session and well as Friday’s Taekwondo training. I guess for these few days I really need to watch my diet.. :/

Did some pull ups and climbed the monkey bars after my run. I have been neglecting my grip and strength training these days. Think I need to dedicate more time on climbing monkey bars and doing pull ups too…

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