SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 32 (5km and the Cats of Geylang Bahru)


more than 30min 😦

Tried to challenge myself today by trying to complete a 5km run below 30min. But apparently not fast enough… SO CLOSE!! 26sec! :/ Will need to continue to train harder so that I can run faster!

Singapore is a city full of cats. Everywhere you will see stray cats roaming around, looking for food or just grooming themselves, doing their thing. The park that I often ran in has quite a number of cats also. Sometimes, after my run, I would sit down and pat them and play with them. Though they are strays, they are very clean. It makes me think that they are actually taken care of by someone…

002 003 009

Cats chillin’, doing their thing…

There are two cats that I am particularly fond of because they are so friendly. Whenever I came close, they would come to be and roll on their backs to invite me so scratch their tummies. Sometimes they would just come and rub against me…claiming me as their property. Below are their pictures:

006 004

Aren’t they adorable? I first saw the the orange one when it was still a kitten. Now she has grown much bigger. The one on the left is the friendliest. It loves interacting with people and would often meow at my gf and me to give her a tummy/neck rub.

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