SPARTAN RACE Prep DAYS 34-36 (Workouts on hazy days)

001Haze in Singapore

In case you haven’t been going out or listening to the news, the haze is back! Thanks to our very considerate neighbour Indonesia who likes to commit arson in their own backyard. Due to the severely deteriorated air quality, I haven’t been able to workout as insensitively. I still do have asthma you know. Even during Monday’s Muay Thai class, intensity has been scaled down due to health risks. We didn’t hit the pads. We only practiced techniques like how to catch an opponent’s leg and throw him on the floor.

Haven’t been able to go out for runs as well. It was really hard to breathe. The air smelt like something was burning. And I thought the ashes from the burning of incense during the 7th month ghost festival was bad enough! So I have just been staying at home to do pull ups and some strength training.

Thankfully, the haze cleared today! and I am able to go for a run! Hurray!

007Got some time to play with the cat at my neighborhood too. 🙂

008Belly rub
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