SPARTAN RACE Prep DAYS 37-38 (Taekwondo Fri and Haze runner)

004 olive run

Running through the Haze

Had Taekwondo training yester but didn’t push myself that much as I am going to have a 5km race today. Just did the usual for Taekwondo training, practised the basic kicks followed by foot work and kicks. Did some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as conditioning also. Okay, seems like it wasn’t such a relaxed session after all haha!

Anyways, today, had our annual Olive Run by the Ministry of Education. The hazewas back this morning and was really bad. The organisation has ‘advised’ us not to exert ourselves. But, I had to travel 1hour to get to event venue and you expect me to just ‘walk’?! I didn’t really listen to the advice and still chose to run.:D Thankfully, there were some other runners who were doing likewise. I am not the only rebellious one. 😛

I managed to complete 5km below 30min! To be fair, the route that I ran has less elevation. I think this is the greatest contributor of helping me running at a much faster pace. And also perhaps there were other runners around and that motivates me as I try to keep up or overtake them. Nonetheless, it was a good and tiring run despite the haze.

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