SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 39 (Weight gain despite exercise?!)

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Consistent runs…

This is seriously weird. Despite my very consistent exercise, I GAINED WEIGHT.I gained 1.5kg. :/ Now I am 64.5kg. Initially I was 63kg! There must be something very wrong with my diet…and indeed there is. With the recent teacher’s day celebration dinners and cookies and goodies from the students and not to mention ice cream and moon cake festival, I am a happy growing boy. Seems like I need to be more aware of what I am eating and make CONSCIOUS choice NOT to eat unhealthy food. :/ Maybe I should reduce the amount of food I eat also…

Went muay thai today and had a very good session. We learnt how side step – tap block and counter with a left hook. Did 4 rounds of pad work all ending with 50 punches and 20 roundhouse kicks. We then ended the session with 200 crunches. 😀

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