High calorie diet at De Burg. Eat first, exercise later

11149558_10156304164135001_7125460353145670968_nStuffed cheeks and happy faces

So, my diet plan is jeopardized again but all is well.  It was a good meet up of two of my pals at De Burg Hamburger restaurant. While I hate to spoil my diet, I guess spending time quality bro time was definitely worth it. Besides, we haven’t been able to meet up the past few months due to work!

Anyways, here’s the verdict of the place according to my pal Victor:

The burger:
Generous patty pan fried to medium rare. Bus as with most minced meat patties, it’s low quality meat that’s not really beefy. And a little soft. But generous. That huge Portobello was nice though a little overcooked to retain juice. Or maybe we took too long to eat.

Generous. Free flow. Crispy and served hot. And it’s not greasy.Probably air fried. Goes well with the drinks.

Onion rings:
Amazingly crispy like fries and boasts a big ring of caramelised onion.

Price wise, it was average considering that they had free flow fries. 3 burgers with free flow fries and 3 pints of Asahi beer for $100.

Didn’t manage to exercise to shed off the extra weight gained from this high calorie meal as I had to bring my PC for repairs(fried graphics card :() and had marriage counselling to attend to. But as the procrastinators always say,” I will do it tomorrow.”

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