It is more blessed to give than to receive

“You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

This is the prayer we prayed after our young adults session at church. God is not slow in answering our prayers. Met up with God when I went to an unexpected trip to the hospital…

Right after the young adults session at church, I received a call from my mum informing me that my dad has fallen down and has a huge gash on his head. After much persuasion over the phone, I finally managed to convince my dad to go down to the hospital.

After meeting up at the hospital and helping my dad get through the triage and admitted for more check ups, my fiancee and I waited at the holding area while my mum accompanied my dad (only one relative can accompany the patient at a time in the ward). While we were waiting at the holding area, I noticed an old man walking towards us. His shirt was really dirty and his hair was unkempt. He came and sat beside us.

A nurse came over and asked,” Uncle, do you need anything?” He didn’t say anything. I ignored him. After a while, I saw the old man talking to a lady on the other side. After a while, the lady handed him a $2 note. I thought,” Oh man! A beggar! Please don’t approach me!” Well, he didn’t. He walked off after taking the $2. And I continued with my own business.

It was about after an hour or so when my fiancee and I thought that we should eat our dinner and buy food for my parents. After some walking around, we finally reached the food court. Both of us queued at the fish soup stall to get our food. Just then, the old man from before came and stood behind us. Once again I thought,” Oh man! He again! Please don’t ask me for money!” But he didn’t. As we got our food and left, I saw the old man looking at the prices of the food. He stood there for a while, lowered his head and just sat on the seat opposite the stall.

Something started to gnaw at my heart. I kept turning back to look at the old man until my fiancee asked,” Why do you keep turning back to look at the uncle?” Just then, I knew it was the Spirit’s prompting for me to do something.

I stood up and walked to the old man. “Uncle, you want to buy food?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Didn’t you have $2?” I questioned, being skeptical.

“Yes but it is not enough.” Indeed it wasn’t. A bowl of noodles cost at least $4.

“Don’t worry I will buy you a meal.” I told him and asked him to order whatever he wanted.

After I have paid for his noodles, he took his $2 and offered to pay me back. At this moment, I was totally ashamed. I had always thought that he was like one of those who are trying to take advantage of others’ kindness. I refused.

“Thank you! God bless you!” The old man thanked me. Again, I was reminded of my thoughts previously. How can God bless me knowing what were my thoughts towards him? He would have reprimanded me instead!

I summoned my courage.

“Uncle, can I pray to Jesus for you?” I asked.

“Yes, sure.”

I said a short prayer for the old man. As I prayed, emotions filled my heart and my voice started to crack up. After which, I rejoined my fiancee at a different table.

The old man finished his meal quite quickly. He came over and thanked us saying,” Thank you brother and sister! God bless you both!” Again, his words stung my heart.

I was totally ashamed of myself . While the old man gave praises to me, I knew my innermost thoughts and am ashamed that I was so judgmental towards him. Moreover, his kind acts and words certainly proved me wrong. God revealed to me through this old man what I wretched man I am! I am so calculative in even helping a person in need!

I broke down and cried as I revealed my thoughts to my fiancee.

While I have blessed this old man simply with a meal, the old man blessed me more by showing me how judgmental I was. I believe that this old man is God-sent.

It is indeed more blessed to give than to receive…

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