SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 42 (finally running again)

002 003

Alright, so there’s some improvement in the haze condition and I have nothing much to do at home. Great time for a run! The number of people in the park has decreased drastically due to the recent haze but there are some runners who were still unfazed.

Anyway, I updated my phone and my Runkeeper app. The Runkeeper app updates me on my speed and pace every 0.5km. As such, I have mapped in my mind at which point of the run I should get an updated since I always run the same route. They became markers for me. However, for today’s run, the app was giving me updated before I reached those markers. You can see the difference below:

002 007

Same route but the 1,2,3,4,5km marks were different. This is strange. Perhaps they have made the distances more accurate? Let’s see if the next run will yield the same results…

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