SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 42 (Haze on Muay Thai day)


Haze reading keep increasing. I hope my salary keeps increasing also.

The haze problem doesn’t seem to go away. Even as I breathe, my throat don’t feel so well. The air smelt like something is burnt… The PSI is over 150. Definitely not a healthy range to go for outdoor activities.

The Muay Thai gym was forced to close on fri as the haze was over 300 in the morning! Anyways, in view of the haze issue, the gym has decided that they will conduct classes that are less physically demanding.

Fightg hazeAnyway, went down for muay thai today and we practiced our basics- stances and how to throw punches while moving forward. Through this session, I found out how much more work I needed! Without a firm foundation, a building is doomed to fall. Similarly in muay thai, without getting  the basics right, it is impossible to be a great fighter. You will never be as mobile or throw a punch with enough force. It is just not possible.

This reminds me of foundation classes I had in church. We learnt about very basic christian living such as praying and how to read the bible. And honestly I realised that I have not been praying as much as I should. Perhaps like how I need to revisit my basics in muay thai, I need to revisit the basics of christian living…Not just to learn to pray more but pray like how a child would to his Father in heaven.

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