SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 45 (Running like the Flash with GPS glitch)

Didn’t go for my Taekwondo today cos…meh…

Anyways, did some running at the park. Decided that I wanted to test my fitness by having a standard army style 2.4km run. And I have got amazing results!

0042.4km in 10:47! That is a record! Actually, I am kidding. It couldn’t be true. Remember the other time I told you that Runkeeper’s GPS seems to be glitched? I was right. If I enlarged the picture of the route I had taken, it shows me running around in the river. That explains why the 1km markers seemed to have moved closer. In other words, my real timing is 2km in 10:47s.

With some simple maths, that constitutes to 5:23/km. In that speed, I would have completed my 2.4 in 12:55. Meh, still a fail timing. 😦

Undaunted, I did some sprints after that. 1min fast followed by 1 min slow for 5 intervals.

006Not a bad speed considering the rest time. And finally, to end the workout, I did 4 sets of inverted rows to failure. Gotta build that back for strength to climb ropes.

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