SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 46 – 47 (Muay Thai Monday and 2.4km Sprint/run)

Haven’t been posting the past few days as I was really busy. Was busy helping my family piece up two cupboards from ikea. It was a fun experience. But at the same time, it was also very tiring and infuriating. I spent like 13hours fixing together the cupboards. And my back was breaking. And it certainly didn’t help when my mum and dad just refuses to read the instructions given and tries to interfere, not having a clue what’s going on. Anyways, we survived and we have new cupboards to use now.

Also drilled holes in my table to hide the computer wires because my OCD mother cannot stand looking at the wire hanging out.

12109154_10156338877980001_6574840750216824493_n 12112467_10156338877985001_6056957946944816379_n

The table look good for now but if any of the appliances are faulty, it would be hell to try to take the wires out.

Anyways, to the important stuff.

Muay Thai class yesterday again was an emphasis on basis due to the haze. We learnt how to set up power punches with ‘power foot work’. The idea is basically use the appropriate steps when doing certain punches. The direction you move should follow where ur fist goes. This way, you gain more power. I realised how much I have missed out when practising. I was banging the pads hard when I execute the punches correctly with my footwork! I always have problem with my hooks. I always don’t generate enough power and I found out that the problem is in my foot work! Really an enlightening moment for me!

As for today, I just tried to do a little sprint/run before going home to complete the marking of the kid’s exams scripts. I changed my running route to something more linear. It helps the GPS not to get all over the place and therefore get more accurate results. Completed 2.4km in 11:48!! I finished 2.4km in less than 12min!!! Really proud of this achievement!

001 002

OOTD: Red vest with red earpiece
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