SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 48 (back training with MOAR weight)

001 002

A good strong back is fundamental in excelling in any sports or physical activity. The back muscles hold up the whole body so that the body can exert force on the skeleton to generate power and movement. As such, I have been dedicating some time to training my back muscles.

Today’s training was really simple:

5 sets of weighted pull-ups till failure (8kg)

5sets of  10 reps of dumbbell rows (12.5kg)

I have added more weights to give myself a greater challenge and also so as to stimulate my muscles to grow. The weight for the pull-ups are just alright. My max number of reps is about 8. However, it is still a bit light for my rows as I can easily do more than 12 reps. Sadly, I do not have any more weight plates to add to the dumbbell.. :/

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