SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 50 (2.4km + 100m sprints X5 in school)

Didn’t have Taekwondo training today because they were gonna elect the new president for the club. Also, I was involved in the school graduation ceremony which only ended at 8pm. Sad life. Anyways, this didn’t mean that I won’t be working out today! Brought my sporting gear to school so that I could run while I waited for the graduation ceremony, which by the way only starts at 6 (school ends at 1:50pm).

The school I am in has two very beautiful tracks. One is a standard 400m track while the other is a 100m track. I have decided to put them to good use today by running on them. Besides, the 400m track is gonna be removed soon to make way for more houses in the area. Shall use it before they remove it!

004 007

Same same but different

Anyways, I am not sure if this is supposed to happen, I felt a lot more tired running on the 400m track. I felt that the ground was really soft and my foot kinda sunk into the ground when I stepped on it. It resulted in me needing to put in more force/effort to push against the ground. By 1km, I was really exhausted and panting for air! Still, I managed to finish 2.4km in less than 12min.


As for the 100m sprints, basically sprinted 100m for 5 times with 45sec rest in between. It was quite tiring as I was putting in 100% effort for my sprints.

I was really self-conscious at first as there were students revising at a nearby bench. It would be weird to see a teacher training I guess but I realised they were too engrossed in their studies to care about me. Good job kids!

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