SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 51 (Sprinting faster! Push ups less tiring!)

Today’s workout was really simple. In the afternoon I wanted to do some strength training and build some chest muscles. So I did about 100 push ups (10reps X 10Sets). I realised that I don’t get as tired as before when I do my push ups. Which is a great sign that I am having progress!

In the evening, went down for a 2.4km run followed by sprints. The 2.4km run was okay. It seems like now I can run comfortably at a pace of about 4:50min/km. As such I am completing 2.4km runs in less than 12mins!


Did some sprints after that. I only managed to do 3 sets as strangely my heart was beating really fast. I was afraid that I am pushing far beyond my limit so I decided to stop after the 3rd set. I didn’t really measure how far the distance I was sprinting…perhaps it’s longer than the 100m I usually sprint… I shall measure the distance of that route next time!

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