SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 52 (Push ups training a day before Muay Thai training is BAD IDEA)

Went to the Muay Thai gym for training yesterday and it seems like I have exerted myself a little bit too much the previous day. So after the previous day’s push up training, my chest and arms were feeling a bit sore. Undaunted, I went for Muay Thai training yesterday thinking that I would be okay and largely also because I have paid for the fees. Anyways, bad idea.

We learnt how to step in and punch followed by a bicep-tricep clinch. So as usual, we would have to find a partner and hold the thai pads for one another. As the person, holding the thai pads, I have to swing the thai pads (about 3kg each!) at my partner to simulate an opponent fighting back. With my already tired arm, I have to swing these thai pads at my partner. And I have to swing it fast to simulate the punches of an opponent! At the end of the round, I was more tired than my partner who was hitting the pads. Needless to say when it was my time to hit the pads, I couldn’t hit as hard and fast because I was so drained. Can literally feel my arms screaming for glucose and oxygen.

Anyways, it was good training. Really got my heart pumping and my muscles had a good workout.

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