SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 53 (Going back to back training)

002ye olde dumbbell

After watching some bodybuilding videos on Youtube, I am learning not to rush my strength exercises. In the past I used to rush them as I was impatient and wanted to get my workout over and done with. It was great for cardio but not so good if you’re looking to grow those muscles. Bodybuilder typically recommend doing strength training exercises with weights that allows you to do 8reps max followed by about 3min rest to give your muscles sufficient rest so that you can give it your all on the next set. And today I tried that out.

Typically when I tired to rush my pull ups, I could only do 10 followed 8, 8, 6 and 6 on the final set. Today, I put a 3min rest in between and I could do consistently 5sets of 10.

After which, I carried on with rows. Sadly, I haven’t found suitable weights. The weights I’m using are too light. Speaking of which, I spied a barbell at a local thrift shop. May be I should get one for my workouts.

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