SPARTAN RACE Prep 55 (Sore hamstrings from barbell?)

There’s definitely something wrong with my form for the barbell exercises yesterday. I was hoping that my exercises will work on my back, posterior deltoids and the middle head of the deltoids. I woke up this morning with a sore on my trapezius and hamstrings! The sore on my hamstrings was totally not expected. I probably worked it without realising it every time i lift the barbell form my waist to my shoulders. Well, not that I am complaining.

008Can’t get enough of my new toy

Today, the barbell exercises focused mainly on form. I superset my exercises: 10 bent over rows followed my 10 military presses (this time without bringing the barbell down to waist level each time) X 5 sets. Hopefully my form is good. Sometimes I feel a bit unstable when the barbell is overhead… I feel that my back wasn’t supporting me properly. Hopefully as training goes on, my core will be strengthened by the exercise too.

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