SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 56 (TAEKWON FRI: obliques strength)

Today is Friday and finally I can get back to Taekwondo training again. It’s great to be kicking again. Today’s training we focused mainly on getting the kicking posture right, a fundamental basic in Taekwondo.

A lot of times, newbies have a lot of problem doing the roundhouse kick. They are unable to control their hips and the angle of their legs. As such, when they do the roundhouse kicks, their kicks tend to slant upwards. This causes them to miss the target and even when they do hit, the force is relatively smaller. (you generally generate more force when your kick is perpendicular to the target at a 90 degree angle) Seeing this problem, everyone was forced to hold their kick posture right.

002 003 005 006

From the picture you can see that most of them have their kick leg tilting slightly at an angle. Ideally, it should be parallel to the ground so that the kick will be perpendicular to the target.

Training this way ensures that practitioners are more aware of the angle of their legs as well as train the strength of their obliques so that they can hold their feet up.

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3 Responses to SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 56 (TAEKWON FRI: obliques strength)

  1. Kris Uy says:

    great points! It’s definintely hard to do, even if you have lots of expirience!
    After being able to get it up at a parallel, I think the next step, to force the hip out is to make sure that the knee is in line with the body and base leg instead of infront of the body, but one step at a time. Looks like an awesome class though! Where are you guys based at?

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