SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 57 (Sunday 2.4 + sprints)

002Had a great run after lunch with my parents today. Did a 2.4km run followed by 5X 100m sprints with 45 sec rests in between. The 2.4km’s timing is a bit slower (pace is 2sec slower) than the previous time and it didn’t came as a surprise since the last run I did was last Sunday.

004Make use of technology!

Anyways, as it turns out, I was right about the sprints the other time. The last sprints workout I was doing at the park was more than 100m/set! The total distance was 150m! No wonder I was so out of breath by the third set! I used my GPS to measure the distance of 100m today before I set out for my sprint. While the distance is less, I am able to do more sets with shorter recovery which I think is better for training my VO2  max.

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