SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 58 (MUAY THAI Monday: Step forward roundhuse)

002Went to Muay Thai training today and it seems that class has gone back to normal. Previously, we were doing less physically demanding activities due to the haze but now that the haze is somewhat gone, we have normal training again.

Today’s class we focused on stepping forward then followed by a round house kick. While the steps seem simple, my coach pointed out that my movements were less than satisfactory. My hips weren’t facing in the correction when I stepped forward. As a result, my shin followed a more straight line motion which resulted in less torque and therefore less strength in the kicks.

I tried to be more mindful in keeping his comments, ensuring that my hips were facing the correct again and MY! It generated a lot more strength! Simple bio-mechanics!

Anyways, today I was paired with a skinny partner today. And it wasn’t fun practicing shin blocks with him. Usually for fatter and more muscular guys, there is a layer of muscle on top of their shins. So when we kicked and blocked with our shins, it was less painful; the muscle absorbed part of the impact. Anyways, his guy’s shin was really skinny, no muscle on top. When we practiced, it was literally bone on bone action. To make matters worse, his shin felt really sharp. It was really painful..

It was good training today.

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One Response to SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 58 (MUAY THAI Monday: Step forward roundhuse)

  1. linguistmonk says:

    My training partners always complain when I check kicks because of my skinny legs haha

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