SPARTAN RACE Sg 2015 Race Pack Review

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The day is finally here! Today is race pack collection day and I am going to give a review on the race pack collection and the contents of the race pack.

Went over to Centrepoint for the race pack collection this morning and WOW! There were a lot of people! This shows how adventurous Singaporeans are! Despite the long queue, the people were processed quite quickly and I was at the counter by 15 mins.

The person who was giving out the race pack at the counter was sadly quite inexperienced. I gave her my confirmation slip and ID for verification and she continued to prepare my race pack. However, all she did was stuff the items into the plastic bag without explaining what the items are for. I had to ask her about the items before she realised she have to explain. She didn’t even verify with me what shirt size I was supposed to take and did not check the items with me.

Anyways, let’s go to the contents of the race pack:

009The contents of the race pack are crap considering that I paid $87 for the race. The last Nike 10km run I paid less, but I got 2 Nike shirts and 1 free water bottle. Spartan Race only gives 2 shirts, 1 medal and 2 pathetic drinks I can get from the mart. Oh, and of course, a whole lot of useless coupons.

Overall, the experience was quite disappointing. If I were to give it a grade it would be 4/10, considering the high cost of the race. I would say that the money was mostly spent on the promise of having a unique experience. Let’s hope that the experience will be great on 15/11/2015!

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