SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 63 (Muay Thai Monday- strained shoulder :( )

004The PSI level is getting higher again due to our friendly neighbors being very efficient at putting out the forest fires. (Sarcasm much) Woke up this morning and found the air to have an arid smell of smoke. I thought today’s Muay Thai training is gonna be a little bit more relax but it seems like the coach has other plans.

Today’s training, we mostly practised our hook punches. The hook punch is one of my worst techniques. I tend to drop the other hand when I am doing the hook punches so I need to be extra mindful of keep my other hand up.

During class, we started with some light combinations to get used to the movement then started hitting full power on the focus mitts and thai pads. As today’s class was a little bit big, I was doing the workout with 2 other persons instead. When it was time to do the condition, I had to work on the heavy bags. I think I strained my left shoulder when I was hitting the heavy bags. Perhaps it’s due to wrong  technique, I felt that my left shoulder is a little pulled. No shoulder exercises tomorrow I guess. 😦

We ended off class with 6 sets of dancing knees and 20 roundhouse kicks. I was drenched from head to toe by the time class ended. It was good training. Furthermore, one of my partner got his muay thai promotion today. Really happy for him. 🙂

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