SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 69 (Muay Thai: Interest or money?)

My Muay Thai subscription just ended and I was very tempted not to continue my Muay Thai sessions. Perhaps I was feeling very tired and lazy today and didn’t want to go down to the gym to renew my membership. However, I know that if I do not go down, I may stop Muay Thai altogether. Furthermore, after marriage, I think I would have less time for Muay Thai and would not have the time and energy to pursue this hobby.

So, after much willpower, I decided to head down to the gym and renew my membership. I need to make use of this time of my life to pursue the things I enjoy doing. I wouldn’t have this privilege after I’m married.

Today’s class we worked on side-stepping the teep. As usual, we practiced with one another then we worked on the pads. Wasn’t so intensive today. Perhaps because my partner was feeling unwell. He was feeling slightly dizzy as he came without eating his dinner first. As a result, the pad work was not as fast. Nonetheless, it was good training.

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