SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 73 (TAEKWON FRI: Chest and legs)

001 002

Once again it’s fri. Time for TAEKWONDO! I was feeling really self disciplined today so I decided to train my chest as part of my own warm-up.

Did 10 push ups followed by 10 gecko push ups X5sets. Part of the reason why I am training push up is that I have noticed that my chest has grown smaller. (Yeah, I’m a vain guy) This routine used to help me build enormous chest. I did this routine everyday during my nation service under the advice of my NS mate who was a body builder. It really helped me a lot.

Of course, Taekwondo training cannot be considered Taekwondo training without some kicking. We kicking the paddles and the shield target. Did so many kicks that I lost count.

The newbies are showing great improvement in their roundhouse kicks. They are able to do roundhouse kicks rather steadily and are able to basically chain up their roundhouse kicks. Good job!!

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