SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 75 (Muay thai elbows)

Went for my Muay Thai training and we worked on throwing elbows today. My elbow strikes are not as good as I tend to drop my guard when I throw the elbow. It is easy for my opponent to counter with his own elbow or even hook. Today we learnt how to jab and follow up with a vertical elbow from the same hand and also how to throw a superman elbow-like move.

Even though we only used the focused mitts today, was still able to get the heart rate up as there was little rest time between sets. However, it isn’t as tiring as other sessions. Maybe it’s because we didn’t do any kicks today. Only knees and elbows. Perhaps, this also makes knees and elbows the most efficient strike to throw since they use less energy and if thrown correctly, pack more punch! Anyways, once again, good training today.

About 5 days more to Spartan Race Prep. Contemplating to not go Taekwondo training this Friday as I am afraid that my legs would be too sore for the race.. :/

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