SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 76 (painful massage and 100 push ups)

It’s Deepavali today. Thank God for the public holiday! And what better way to spend your time  by exploiting the low exchange rate of our nieghbour: Malaysia.

Coincidentally, we met some friends at the check point but lost them after the ticket counter. Anyways, the first stop my fiancee and I went to was KSL. By the time we reached there, we where famished. We had a quick Nasi Lemak lunch at Kiliney and went off to a Chinese medicinal massage parlor.

This is the first time I had such a painful massage. Perhaps the thumb of the masseuse was very hard,  it felt really painful when she pressed onto my muscles. She commented that I have a lot of knots (trigger points?) on my back. That’s why it seems really bumpy when she runs her thumbs over my muscle. She then proceeded to put me in a shoulder lock and used her elbows to ‘ease’ my knots. I was groaning so much that my fiancee thought I was being tortured.


Proceeded to do my workout when I came back home. As it was quite late, I didn’t get to run. But I did 10X push ups followed by 1oX gecko push ups for 5 sets.

I have been neglecting my chest muscles and focused a lot on my back lately. So I have decided to do a little bit more push ups to train my chest.

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