SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 77 (Casual run and CATS!)

Alright! It’s 4 days to race day. This is NOT the time to get injured. As such, from this day forth, training will be light just to warm up the muscles and keep them working(no idea what I’, saying lol!). Went for a light 30min jog today. The weather was good. It just rained and the air was very cooling. It helped me to run faster also as I need to pay less attention to the heat.

021 023

 Anyways, after my run, I received a message from FB:


Actually, to be honest, I am not sure if running 30min daily is considered light/mid exercise. Haha! I used to struggle just to complete 2.4km but now 5km feels like a walk in the park. I guess my body has been conditioned.

Also, really glad to see the cats around the neighborhood today and managed to play with them and pet them.

022 024

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