SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 78 (TAEKWON FRI: Massive calves!)


2 more days to race day! So I am extra careful not to over exert myself today. Especially since every time after Taekwondo training, my legs will be aching. This will certainly not be good for the race.

We focused on footwork today. Footwork in Taekwondo requires extensive use of the calf muscles. When resting, we use them to ‘bounce’ so that we can react faster. And when moving and shuffling, we use mainly our calf muscles to propel our body. Hence, calf muscle conditioning is VERY IMPORTANT. I used to skip on the ropes for 10mins to condition my calves.

We started off doing some simple pylometrics to get the body used to the different movements. This includes skipping etc. Then we did some shuffling: forward, backwards, right and left and also did some kicking. Usually, we did our kicking in a stationary position. This time round, we need to adjust our distance via footwork to kick the target.

008 007 006 005

Generally still quite an intensive workout. Luckily, my calves aren’t aching that much.

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